Bottle Drive Calgary

Earn Money For Your Community

Bottle Drives Are Worth It!

Bottle drives are a great way to give back and to support your community and/or organization. At Sage Hill Bottle Depot, we look forward to building connections with the community and giving back to charitable causes. We have over 10 years of experience working with numerous charities and fundraisers through our other locations.

The Process:

  1. Contact us for your bottle drive by filling out the form below. If you require a trailer please don't hesitate to contact us at (403) 275-7003
  2. Within a short period of time you’ll be contacted via email to confirm your bottle drive date and time
  3. Upon arrival to the Sage Hill Bottle Depot, you’ll be greeted and a simple explanation for the remainder of the bottle drive process will be given, such as:
    • Stands will be set up at our location with large recycling bags to directly put your bags full of recyclables into (we will kindly replace and set up new bags as yours become full)
    • A pallet will be provided with a separate bag stand for heavier items such as glass and or beer boxes
    • Once your troops have placed and completed the remainder of your drive, we will tag the bags with your name, number and team and bring the bags inside for safe storage
    • Bottle drives take a maximum of 1-3 business days to complete the count and pay out
    • You will receive an email with the total amount of the drive and a prompt that you’re able to pick up your cheque!

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